TARBOLTON Primary School and Early Learning Centre has been “officially recognised” after they received positive feedback, following a recent inspection.

A report from Education Scotland found that both the Primary and Early Years Centre were achieving ‘very good’ to ‘good’ performances across the board, after a team of inspectors from Education Scotland visited the school in January.

The inspection team found the headteacher’s leadership and the clear direction she has given in leading self-evaluation for self-improvement across the school and the early years’ class was a strength in the school, as well as “happy, confident children who very actively engage with their school and early years’ class and benefit from being involved in helping to make improvements”.

The report also found a “high quality team” working across the school and early years’ class and the “opportunities which staff have to lead developments across the school” and local cluster and the “nurturing and inclusive ethos” throughout the school and early years’ class and the attention given to identifying and meeting individual children’s needs.

Cllr William Grant, said: “The new Tarbolton Community Campus has just celebrated its first anniversary and it’s great to see the new building is helping to deliver first-class education to children at every level. 

“As headteacher, particular praise was given for Jackie Blair’s leadership, something which has helped to create an inclusive culture where teachers are confident to work and children enjoy learning. Parents and carers will take great comfort from this positive report.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work in making the new campus such a success.”