THIS is the moment an Ayr photographer got more than he bargained for after spotting a spooky face in the clouds above the Brig O’ Doon.

The stunning image was captured by local photographer, Scott Wanstall, on the evening of Saturday, December 30.

It was not until the 26-year-old was at home editing his night’s work that the face became obvious to him.

He said: “I captured this image as part of an ongoing series, photographing Ayrshire’s abundant cultural landmarks. 

“This project seeks to tell the story of a location by capturing it in a manner which is consistent with its cultural background; in this case, the dark and brooding tale of Tam O’ Shanter.

“Such an image requires many hours of preparation before the final image is captured. The conditions have to be just-right and the composition has to be set in place weeks in advance. With the sudden onset of Storm Dylan and a full Moon replete with a prominent Lunar Corona, I knew the moment had come. 

“As planned, I took a long-exposure of approximately two minutes to capture the backlit movement of the clouds and to capture the corona, giving me the powerful atmosphere and rich colour range I had painstakingly waited for.”

You can find more of Scott’s work on his website and his Facebook page