A PETITION has been set-up to oppose the housing development on the greenbelt between Muirhead and Loans.

In October, it was revealed there were plans to create housing on the land between the two Troon districts, which would connect the communities to the town.

However, residents hit back at the plans saying that the land was an area with “constant flooding” and those that lived in Muirhead and Loans wouldn’t want to join up with one another or Troon because they were “two different identities”.

The petition has been launched on change.org and with a maximum of 500 signatures required, it has already received more than 400 names. 

Writing in the comment section of the petition, the majority of those who signed it claimed there was not enough infrastructure to “sustain more houses” and that the greenbelt was home to wildlife.

One person commented: “It would be disastrous for both Troon and Loans. There simply isn’t the infrastructure to sustain more houses and flooding is already a problem where they propose to build.”

Another supporter added that the greenbelt would remove a large proportion of Loans Recreation Park, saying: “Building on a greenbelt area and removing two thirds of Loans Recreation Park, why would anyone propose that?

“Loss of natural wildlife, loss of peace and privacy for Muirhead and Loans residents, new access roads through current quiet dead-end roads, years of upheaval living with a building site - no benefit at all to the local residents.”