AN INTERNATIONALLY recognised DJ and record producer will perform live at Ayr’s Soundmagic Music Studio on Waggon Road. 

The studio will open until 1.30am on Tuesday, December 26 and will include a special performance from DJ Mark Sherry and is expected to attract many outside South Ayrshire.

The license was granted by the licensing board at South Ayrshire Council last week.

Barry Thompson, who is running the event, said: “We need the late night license to invest in the event and pay the acts.

“If we don’t have the license we won’t get the artists.”

Catrina Andrew, Licensing Standards Officer, said: “Mr Thompson has been granted licenses since 2012 and there have not been any problems so far.

“No negative reports have been received by me in relation to this, I have no objections to the grant of this occasional licence.

“Mr Thompson is requesting later than his usual terminal hour of midnight to cater for what he hopes will be a wider audience and is anticipating some may travel from outwith South Ayrshire.”

“Additionally due to the notoriety of the artist, there are performance and booking fees to be paid.

“Mr Thomson believes a later hour will encourage people to attend the event if they feel they will not have to leave at midnight to move on somewhere else.”

The occasional licence was granted by licensing board.