A PLANNING application to develop an incinerator in Tarbolton is expected to be submitted to South Ayrshire Council.

A proposals of application notice for the construction and operation of a waste to energy facility at the Moss Landfill Site have already been granted.

This means the developer can submit their application, for the treatment of 150,000 tonnes, per annum, of non-hazardous waste, to the council. 
Provided it goes ahead the site will sit on the B730 near Tarbolton.

Some councillors say they are confident that the plans will be approved. 
Speaking at a public meeting cllr Derek McCabe said: “I believe the incinerator in Tarbolton will go ahead.”

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials. 

The process is described as “thermal treatment”. But not everyone is thrilled about the idea. 

In the wake of this proposal, residents of Tarbolton have joined together to form their own community council in a bid to prevent this application from going ahead.

Many feel an incinerator would spoil the landscape and scenery of South Ayrshire. 

Posting on their campaign page, Save Burns Country From Incineration, one member said: “I came to Ayrshire about the time the Landfill site at Tarbolton started.

“I came from Team Valley, in what was then Co Durham, the river team that flowed through our farm was so polluted that it changed colour more than once in a day,and the smell was appalling.

I came as a student to Auchincruive and was enthralled by this beautiful county and its clean rivers and unspoiled countryside, despite the fact that it was a coal field.

“Sometimes I think the councils do not appreciate what we have in Ayrshire, when they sanction Killock and now this proposed atrocity at Tarbolton Moss.”