SOME 86 objections have been submitted to South Ayrshire Council in a bid to throw out plans for a care home on Dunure Road.

An application has been submitted to build a 90-bed care home with associated car parking at Greenan but residents feel the building would be an eyesore in the wrong place. 

Among the 86 objectors are MP Bill Grant and MSP John Scott.

MSP John Scott, said: “While appreciating that outline planning permission for this site was previously granted, I note that the masterplan developed and published in 2009, the site is now proposed for a two storey development which is different to the original proposal.”

Clive Drummond, of Ayr, said: “The proposal is for a tall and wide building located at virtually the highest point of the Greenan housing development.

“This is out of proportion with the surrounding buildings and landscape and will ruin the character of the area as the building is approximately three and half stories high.”

David Williams, of Ayr, said: “The positioning of this proposed home is definitely not in the best place either for the future residents or existing residents of the area for the following reasons.

“ 1.Traffic noise on the Dunure Road particularly during summer months is quite horrific for any resident living along or near Dunure Road in spite of modern soundproofing to properties.

“2. This development should be build lower down the landscape so that the existing sea and landscape views are not obliterated.

“3. The original position for this proposed care home was between the new Co-op car park and the first residential properties on the right hand side of the new road leading into the development from the roundabout. Why was this layout changed?”

Francis O’Neil commented: “I am bemused by the lack of consultation. I find the plan to be lacking in infrastructure, particularly the parking and access from the main road. This will put pressure on local residents.

“Further, the height of the building is beyond the levels of the rest of the site.”

 Gayle Treanor added: “As a local resident of many years and a resident of Ayr my entire life, I have a number of concerns with the proposed development

“I am disappointed that council only saw fit to notify two residences of this proposed change to planning. 

“This proposal will have a major impact on a significant number of residents in the area therefore unacceptable that the notification was not extended to everyone.”

A decision will be made in due course when the application is discussed at a planning meeting at South Ayrshire Council.