A PLEA for a bus stop to be installed at Dunure Road has been issued to the Ayrshire Roads Alliance. (ARA)

Residents of Alloway and Doonfoot were informed by members of the Alliance that a pad would be installed to allow busses to drop of passengers.

But this would not be official with Stagecoach not legally bound to use the pad. The issue was discussed at a public meeting where locals asked the ARA to install a bus stop with a shelter.

David Manson, technical officer of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, said: “There is a proposal to extend the kerb line from the Coop on Dunure Road and a small pad to create a bus stop to allow people to get off the bus. We would be able to do this in this financial year.”

Marilyn Dalgleish, chairwoman of the Alloway and Doonfoot community council, said: “Would it be possible to have a shelter at the bus drop off point?”

Mr Manson continued: “This would require to make a new proposal to make it a proper bus stop. If the community want this we would need to go through different stages and contact SPT.

“The cost would spiral and the bus stop would not be installed in this financial year but would take at least 12 months to complete as we would have to apply to install it.”

Cathy Sharkey added: “The bus doesn’t stop at Ailsa View like it used to but at the Coop.”

Mr Manson responded: “Unless we install an actual stop, Stagecoach can still instruct their drivers to stop at the Coop. But we can hope they would do the right thing.

“We can make it a formal stop but it would take until next year to get it installed.”

Marilyn commented: “Is there any way we can get the ball rolling so we can get this installed for next year.”

David Manson said: “We would have to consult with our colleagues.”