A DJ attacked a busker and a member of the public with a guitar before spitting blood at police officers.

James McArther, of High Street Ayr, admitted to swearing and uttering threats, where he brandished a guitar and hit the en on September 24.

He appeared before Sheriff Desmond Leslie at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal, Andrew Lazzarin, explained: “At 10:55pm the complainer was playing his guitar and busking on Ayr’s high street when two door stewards were parking their vehicle.

“Hearing the complainer busking, the accused ran towards him and witnesses heard a loud bang.

“The accused started shouting at the complainer saying, “you are f**king next” and it seems the accused struck the complainer on the leg and the body with the guitar.

“Witnesses ran over to try and calm things down, but the accused turned his aggression towards them and struck another complainer on the head with the guitar.

“The stewards heard what was going on and went over to help. The police were contacted and from the accused detained on the floor. 

“When he was cuffed, the accused became argumentative shouting “f**king b**tards” and “c**ts” and spat towards the police officers.

“He was taken to police station was cautioned and charged – at the time, he denied assaulting both complainers and spitting at police officers.”

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor Peter Lockhart, said: “Mr McArther has never been in trouble before and he is very ashamed and embarrassed.

“This particular event happened due to having the music being blasted while he was trying to sleep.

“Events unfortunately unfolded, and he spent the night in the cells. He works as a DJ and is willing to comply with a community payback order.”

Address the accused, Sheriff Leslie, added: “I will admonished you on charged one, two and three but spitting on police officers is completely unacceptable – you will be fined a sum of £250.”