A RESCUED Golden Retriever from Ayr featured on Friday's episode of Animal 999.

Jack, was signed over to the Scottish SPCA rehoming centre in Ayrshire after being mistreated in his previous home. 

He wasn't walked regularly and muzzled unnecessarily. He was overweight, severely matted and dirty. 

Although Jack was in a lot of discomfort, he had a great personality, was exceptionally friendly and enjoyed attention.

Ayr Advertiser:

Jack spent a couple of hours at the grooming parlour – his matting was so bad the groomer had to shave his fur off and shampoo him to get rid of fleas. 

Four months later Jack’s fur has grown back beautifully and he has been rehomed to loving new owner Libby in Ayr. 

Libby, who looks after rescued ponies and horses, brings Jack along to the stables every day, giving him all the freedom he could ever want. Jack has also found a new best friend in the family's other dog.

The episode will aired on Friday, September 8 at 8pm on STV.