A MAN sought revenge at a property in Girvan, in the middle of the night, after his partner’s son was attacked.

Euan Traynor, of Wallacetown Bungalow, Maybole turned up at the house on Piedmond Road, repeatedly banged on the door of the house, shouted, swore and uttered threats in July this year.

On the same day Traynor, was found in possession of a weapon, a piece of wood, without lawful authority. The 34-year-old appeared before Sheriff Mhari Mactaggart at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

The court heard how the incident took place at 3:15am when the two witnesses were asleep in their home address.

“Depute fiscal, Andrew Lazzarin, explained: “They were woken up by the sound of someone shouting, swearing and banging a heavy object at the front door.

“One of the men went to the front to investigate while the other went to the back to stay out of site. The witnesses who went to the front saw the accused with a pole. He opened the front door and saw there was damage to it.

“He asked Traynor what had happened. Traynor shouted get those boys out here. Police were contacted. When they arrived the accused had the pole in his hand.

“When officers got closer Traynor put the item in the bin. He was then arrested, cautioned and charged.”
The court heard how the value of the damage to the door was £100.

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor, Jill Malloy, said: “Mr Traynor had been in a relationship with his partner for 10 years. 

“His partner’s son had been stabbed a week or two prior to this. My client heard that the boys who were responsible were at that address.

“It was drink which caused him to take matters into his own hands. If he had not been so drunk he would not have done this.

“He lost his employment at the time and now lives in Germany doing contract work. Mr Traynor realises the error of his ways and knows this is a serious offence. He pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.”

Sheriff Mactaggart fined Traynor £1500 where £100 will be paid to the complainer for the damage done to the door.