A MAN who attacked the door steward at Club De Mar by headbutting him seven times has been jailed for eight months.

Ryan Hetherington, of Westwood Avenue, Ayr admitted assaulting the man in the course of his employment by headbutting him and punching his head on June 10.

The 36-year-old appeared before Sheriff Carole Cunninghame at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how there had been a disagreement between two parties on a night out.

Hetherington and his friends were asked to leave the club. 

Depute Fiscal Cath Whyte explained: “The incident was caught on CCTV shortly after 12am at Club De Mar. Hetherington and his friends got into a discussion and were asked to leave as a result.

“But they refused to do so. Hetherington was caught on CCTV headbutting the complainer repeatedly , about seven or eight times. 

“He punched the complainer to the face and to the ear. This was seen by the police who observed that the complainer had cuts and swelling in his eye. He did not need any medical attention.”

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor John Gallagher, said: “There is a detailed criminal justice social work report. 

“Mr Hetherington does not try and hide his own involvement. He and his friends were the victims of abuse from another group of men.

“When they were asked to leave they were aggrieved to leave because of the exchange which had taken place. Some of the door stewards were heavy handed. 

“One of them has been charged with assaulting one of the men in Mr Hetherington’s company. Mr Hetherington reacted badly to that and lost his temper and control.

“He accepts his behaviour is totally uncalled for and has attended court with a four figure sum of money. I would ask your Lady to consider a restriction of liberty order to bring it home to him that this behaviour is not tolerated.

“He realises he needs to deal with matters in a calmer fashion but there was a background as to why that happened. 

“He made his plea at the earliest opportunity.”
Addressing the dock, Sheriff Mactaggart, said: “You pleaded guilty to attacking a man who was employed to keep the public safe. 

“You punched him seven or eight times to the face and ear. Mercifully he did not need medical attention. That is against a background of four previous convictions from 2003 to 2016. 

“There is no alternative other than to put you into custody.”

Hetherington has been jailed for eight months. He shouted ‘I’m sorry’ to his partner, who was sitting in the public gallery.