A MAN, who was found in possession of cocaine on Ayr's Arthur Street, has been released on bail.

Shaun Templeton, of Glenmuir Road, admitted having the controlled class A drug, on him, in June this year.

Templeton also owned up to behaving in a threatening manner when he shouted, swore, threw his arms about and refused to leave the area.

The 24-year-old appeared before Sheriff Carole Cunninghame at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal Cath Whyte explained: "This incident happened shortly after midnight in Ayr. Police requested assistance from other officers in Ayr because it was a busy night.

"The accused was standing in the middle of the road, waving his hands about. They asked him to leave but Templeton became aggressive and shouted and swore.

"He said 'f**k off' before deciding he was going to leave. Police pursued him and he was taken to Ayr Police Office where he was found with 5.2g of white powder which tested positive for cocaine."

The crown had to double check the exact value of the powder.

Defence Solicitor, Robert Logan, said: "My client says it is worth £25."

Sheriff Cunninghame replied: "I am not taking his word for that."

The value of the powder was later confirmed as £280.

Mr Logan continued: "Mr Templeton insists he only paid £25 for the substance and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. This is his first drug crime. He had been watching football during the day.

"Mr Templeton says he was significantly assaulted and was upset about it. He spoke to officers about it and thought they had told him to go home.

"He thought the police were dismissing his complaint and got aggrieved. He did not know that police had arrested the door steward for assault.

"My client is quite contrite about his behaviour and was later made aware that police were looking into his complaint."

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Cunninghame, said: "I am going to defer sentence but be under no illusion, that the court has a stark decision to make about whether or not you go into custody.

"The chance you will be sent to jail is very high and it goes without saying you need to be of good behaviour."