A COYLTON cat owner has been reunited with her beloved it pet after six months.

Charlie the ginger Tom Cat had 'been on the run' for six months and recently appeared at a farm a bit weather worn.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity picked up the cat, and proceeded to check him for a microchip with the hopes of re-uniting him with his owner.

Animal Rescue Officer Sheena MacTaggart said: “Charlie was very friendly but a bit wet and mucky. We were worried he’d gotten himself lost and wanted to get him back home as quickly as possible.

“We took the address details from the microchip and visited the property only to discover Charlie’s owners had moved on.

“Luckily, the new home owners had a forwarding address so I was able to visit the Hamilton family in their new property over 6 miles away in Colyton, Aryshire.

“Charlie is happily settled in back home now but it shows how crucial it is to keep microchip details updated at all times as this could have had a very different ending.”

The owner of the cat, Helen Hamilton said, “Charlie went missing around September time last year and we genuinely thought we weren’t going to see him again.

“When Sheena arrived we were over the moon. It’s fantastic to have Charlie back and he’s settled into his old routine here with the family.

“We will definitely be keeping all our animal’s microchips up to date in the future. I’d hate to think we might not have been able to get Charlie back just because of a change of address.”

Anyone concerned about the welfare of an animal should contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.