THE taxi rank outside Ayr Train Station has been moved from Smith Street to Kyle Street for a period of six months on a trial basis.

High tech gadgets are being inserted on the pavement to prevent the vehicles from parking on the pavement on the one way street. 

Concerns had previously been raised about the taxis placing themselves on pedestrian walkways and causing safety hazards. The issue was raised at a public meeting last week.

Link officer Chris Campbell, said: "Developments are underway at the taxi rank on Smith Street has been temporarily moved around the corner to Kyle Street.

"This has been getting good feedback and we are going to keep it there on a trial basis for six months."

Taxis have been described as sitting idly at the side of the road and blocking pedestrian and vehicle access.

Chris continued: "There have been parking issues outside the station for some time. When we investigated that they were not the owners of the cars and had been placed there by their employers.

"When it comes to the engines constantly running and polluting the atmosphere we were advised that drivers were entitled to work in a warm environment as was the passenger."

The congestions on Smith Street had previously been described as a 'disaster waiting to happen'. But it seems that over the past three months work has been done to resolve the siltation once and for all.

Action has been taken to prevent vehicles parking on double yellow lines, opposite the taxi rank, blocking the other side of the road and shop entrances. 

The one way system, which has been in place for some time, is supposed to allow traffic access to the railway station or act as a right of way onto the A70.

Hackney driver Jim Wilson previously got in touch with the paper to give his side of the story and ask the council to do something about the problem that affects  taxis as well as members of the public.

He said: “We have to pay £200 for a space a year.

“This is a neglect of duties from South Ayrshire Council for providing a lack of spaces but are more than happy to take the money for the spaces.

“Would love to know why South Ayrshire Council fail to provide us with more spaces that makes us have to park on double yellow lines."

Drivers were advised to raise any concerns with the Taxi Operations Forum. 

South Ayrshire Council, along with Ralph Riddiough, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, have been in touch with Ayrshire Roads Alliance and the Police regarding this.

If the six month trial period is successful then the public service could be moved to Kyle Street Permanently.