TWO thugs who attacked a Troon man who was lured to a flat with the alleged promise of kinky sex involving a cement mixer have been jailed for a total of 13 years.

Despicable Craig Dalton, 33, and Matthew Harrison, 23, were sent to prison on Wednesday for attacking 38-year-old John Steven at a flat in Renfrew on March 16 last year.

The High Court in Glasgow last month heard how Dalton and Harrison attacked Mr Steven after he agreed to pay Sharon Kerr, 34, for “services” at her flat in the town’s Houston Street.

The court heard Dalton was wielding a machete, while his co-accused Harrison was brandishing a knife, when their victim was hit with a hail of blows in the living room of Kerr’s flat.

The pair left Mr Steven needing emergency medical treatment for a series of horrific injuries.

On Wednesday, at the High Court in Edinburgh, judge Lord Kinclaven jailed Dalton, of Johnstone, Renfrewshire, to seven years two months in prison.

He also ordered Dalton, a prisoner of HMP Edinburgh, to be supervised by the authorities for two years following his release from custody.
Harrison, of Paisley, was jailed for six years. 

He was also told he would be supervised by the authorities for two years following his release from custody.

Kerr, of Renfrew, was given a 32 month community payback order in which she’ll be supervised by the authorities and attend treatment for a drug problem.

Passing sentence, Lord Kinclaven told Dalton and Harrison that he had no other option but to send them both to prison.

He added: “You have pleaded guilty to extremely serious offences and there is only one sentence which I can impose in these particular circumstances.”

The trio pleaded guilty at a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow last month.

Dalton pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Steven to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and impairment.

Harrison pleaded guilty to the same charge, with the added detail that his attack was to the danger of the victim’s life.

Kerr pleaded guilty to stealing £400 from Mr Steven’s bank account by using his card at a cash machine in Paisley.

Lord Kinclaven deferred sentence for the court to obtain reports on their character.

In return for the guilty pleas to the assault and robbery charges, the Crown agreed not to pursue a charge which alleged they conspired to assault and rob him.

Part of the charge included the allegation that they had “access to a cement truck” as well as “cement mix to pour over him”. 
Prosecutors alleged the three accused “induced” Mr Steven to attend Kerr’s flat.

At proceedings last month, prosecutor Shanti Maguire told the court how the assault took place.

She said: “Mr Steven attended the home of Sharon Kerr, whom he has known for four years.

“He was invited into the flat, where a discussion took place for services provided to the complainer.”

The court heard Kerr left the room and Mr Steven went to the cash machine to withdraw £150.

He returned a short time later and sat with Kerr’s friend Michelle, looking at photos on her mobile phone.

Harrison and Dalton entered the flat and joined in the discussion, while Michelle left the room, leaving Mr Steven alone with the thugs.

Ms Maguire added: “Mr Steven said Dalton faced him and struck him on the right side with a machete swung at him. 
He fell to the floor.

“He tried to get up, but Craig Dalton pushed him back down and told him ‘there is now way you are getting out of here.’ “
Dalton then repeatedly struck him in the stomach and the back with the machete.

“The victim was screaming and terrified that he was going to lose his life.”

The court heard how Dalton swung the machete up and down, repeatedly hitting Mr Steven on the head, chest, back and hands.

One of the blows almost completely severed his thumb.
The court heard Harrison, who was armed with knife, also joined in the orgy of violence.

The pair carried on their attack, chasing Mr Steven, who suffers from Asperger syndrome and has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), around the flat 

He collapsed on the floor, with blood streaming from his wounds.
The court was told Mr Steven suffered a punctured lung, as well as wounds to his head, chest, back, ear and hands.

His left thumb was almost severed in the ordeal.
He spent almost two weeks in hospital before he was discharged.

On Wednesday, defence advocate David Nicolson told Lord Kinclaven that Dalton was sorry for what had happened.

He added: “He is ashamed for his conduct in the incident.”
Harrison’s counsel Jennifer Bain told the court that her client had also expressed remorse for what he had done to Mr Steven.

She added: “He appreciates that there is no alternative to the imposition of a significant custodial disposal

“Mr Harrison describes being extremely shocked by his conduct.”
Kerr’s solicitor advocate Christopher McKenna urged Lord Kinclaven not to jail her because she didn’t have a serious role in the offending as her two co-accused.

Mr McKenna said Kerr had a longstanding drug problem.
He added: “She is particularly ashamed as she had known the complainer for around four years. 

Miss Kerr was not present during the actual robbery. 
Her reaction when she saw the injuries of the complainer was one of shock.

“She deeply regrets her involvement.”