A COUPLE of thugs who attacked a man and a woman after a disagreement about baby clothes have been let off the hook.

The pair who cannot be named for legal reasons appeared before Sheriff Desmond Leslie at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, March 7.

The woman owned up to charge two of seizing her victim by her throat and pinning her against a car. Her partner admitted punching the man on the same day at the same address in Ayr. 

The court heard how the accused parties are in a relationship. 

Depute Fiscal Lorri Pidgeon said: "The woman and the complainer in charge two were in a relationship and have a child together. She was with her current partner [the co-accused] as she went to collect her child from her ex.

"There had been a disagreement about the clothes the child was wearing. The woman took the clothes off the child and grabbed the other female by the throat and dug her nails into her neck.

"The complainer left and called the police. Both accused parties were cautioned and charged. When questioned by the police the woman replied 'it is not true, she called me a b**ch.

"Her current parter told the police the other party tried to punch his girlfriend first who is pregnant. He said: 'they were swearing and I had to do something."

Addressing the dock Sheriff Leslie said: "This has been over your heads for some time. I have been told there have not been any repeats of this behaviour."

The pair were then pardoned by the court.