GIRVAN Town Team are continuing to support the Town House on Knockcushan Street on its journey to become a 'Nerve Centre'.

This allows members of the public of all ages to join together throughout the week and take part in various activities, socialise and meet new people.

The group have also played a key factor in helping facilitate the handover of the visitor centre to the South Carrick Community Leisure Centre who are using the building to provide information about The Quay Zone.

The Town Team continues to provide support to the Town House to facilitate its value to the local community. Activities during the year have included - Football Memories, Stepping Stones Launch, Girvan Folk Festival, Creative Little Hut sessions, Samba, Biosphere event, Rowing Club, First Port workshops, Carrick Community Forums, Men’s Shed Open Day, Community Safety and bullying event, Glasgow fair initiative, Girvan Academy interviews.

There have been many other exciting activities which have taken place over the past few months. Meetings and events held by ACE, Girvan FC, SCCL, CRAG, SAYLSA, the Little Art School, VASA, the Dementia Friendly Steering Group, Community Associations, the Town Team and others.

 Additionally, the Chairwoman and the Treasurer of the Town Team met with the Head of Communities of SAC to discuss the potential future of the Town House.

They have submitted a freedom of information request to find out the maintenance and running costs of the building.

Hub South West Events claim they too are committed to positively engaging with the organisation, with a view to helping them improve their chances of gaining hub contracts, to refurbish the Town House. 

If successful it would create more jobs and boost the local economy.

They are currently working to help construct The Quay Zone which is expected to open in just a few weeks time.