FOUR young deer have arrived at Belleisle Park and are adjusting well to their new home.

The new arrivals landed last Monday, March 6 but concerns are already being raised about their safety and welfare from dogs and and intruders.

At a public meeting, held at Ayr Town Hall last week, community councillors discussed the issue and how dogs and people can be prevented from entering the field and scaring the animals.

Cllr Bill Grant commented: "The last incident was two and a half years when a dog got into their home and chased them. One of the animals was so frightened it managed to escape to a different park altogether.

"But we looked after it before it was brought home."

Questions were raised about installing signage that would deter people from tormenting the deer. 

Phil Martin commented: "New fencing has now been put up over the old fencing but there is still a gap and you can tell that people have tried to climb through it. 

"That hole has been covered up. In terms of fencing, it needs to be secure and someone needs to take responsibility to give them fresh straw.

"I can see that people have been trying to climb the fence at some point. I am quite happy to go down once a month to take a few photos and make sure there has been no damage to any part of the enclosure. 

"Is it possible to have signage put in place which says people will be prosecuted if they damage the fence or if they harm the animals?

"Cllr Grant responded: "We need to give credit to the people who go visit Belleisle. When the deer escaped it ended up in Cunning Park but we went to feed it while it was an escapee. 

"We shouldn't need to clutter the place with signs."

Chris Campbell, link officer, pointed out: "You cannot prosecute someone for being in the field but you can press charges against them for damaging the fence."

To develop the park even further, the idea of including inspirational quotes on the sun dial in Belleisle gardens was put forward. 

Chairman, Norman McLean, said: "I think the idea is a good one and it would remind visitors how much they have enjoyed using the facilities there.

"It is held in high regard and makes a terrific venue for a family day out, with the exception of one area."

It is hoped many will visit Belleisle over Easter and summer and make use of the upgraded facilities.