PRESTWICK Golf Club will extend its opening hours at three events this year.

The current trading hours at the golf club are from 10am until 11:30pm throughout the week inclusive.

Three significant tournaments are happening at Prestwick Golf Club this year, being the club's Easter Foursomes tournament for the Prince of Wales Cups, the club's Victoria vase competition and the club member and guest day.

These events will be held during April 14-17, May 27-29 and October 1.

Mr Kenneth Goodwin, who put forward the application and is the secretary of the golf club, said: “The attendees of the club are members from all over the world and throughout the UK who come to the events throughout the year.”

The application for the three tournaments requests that the opening hours are extended in the morning, from 8am instead of the normal hours of 10am, for the duration of the competitions.

Cllr Peter Convery, spoke in praise of the golf club at last week's meeting.
He said: “These are historic times for this club and people sometimes forget that this is where the first golf open started.

“It is embedded in the clubs DNA. I have no problem with this application.”

Cllr Allan Dorans added: “People travel all over the world to come here and I think we can trust the members of the golf club.”

Cllr Peter Convery concluded: “Well, we will soon find out.”