A SMALL fishing boat, which has been parked in various locations of the town for three months, reappeared on Ayr’s Racecourse Road.

Locals are concerned as a gas canister at the stern of the sailing vessel could be set alight if the wrong person gets on board. 

The ongoing issue has been raised with local police officers but it is understood the captain does not appear to be breaking any rules.

The matter was addressed at a public meeting last week. 

Cllr Bill Grant said: “The gentleman who owns the boat does not seem to be breaking any laws, although it is a large vessel. 

“If it were causing any obstruction then there would be a problem.

“There is parking in place on Racecourse View but I would welcome police help. If someone touches the gas canister it will go up with a pop.

“A number of residents have raised concerns about parking on that street. 

“The boat has been there for three months.”

Many are wary of parents parking in undesignated spots in the same area near the playing fields as they take their children to sports practice.

Community Councillor Liz Martin said: “It is not the safety that bothers most people but being able to park right beside the old race course. 

“Cars are always parked there at the weekend.”

Cllr Grant added: “We might be able to put double yellow lines in place on the Seafield side. It is driver behaviour. 

“They just want to park close to where they want to go. I am not sure what we can do to prevent this. Perhaps we can get a parking warden to check that area.”

Chris Campbell, Link Officer, said: “It would be beneficial for the community council for the Ayrshire Roads Alliance to monitor that area and resolve the situation. It may be parking wardens that come about.”

It is hoped the Ayrshire Roads Alliance will now be made aware of the ongoing parking issues around the old race course area.