BOLLARDS could be installed outside the Citadel Leisure Centre to put an end to obnoxious drivers parking on the pavement.

Swimmers and other users of the facility have been facing difficulties entering the sports venue as a result of the selfish action for some time.
People have been spotted parking right outside the front door instead of in the designated spaces.

Inconsiderate vehicles are forcing families with young children to walk around them onto the road. The issue was discussed at a public meeting last week at Ayr Town Hall.

Chris Campbell, link officer, said: “We have had problems with people parking on the pavement at the swimming pool entrance to the Citadel. I think we are going to invest in bollards.

“On some occasions, mums with toddlers and buggies have been asked by the drivers why they can’t just walk on the road.”

Cllr Bill Grant added: “We did have yellow cones in place to prevent this from happening but they don’t appear to work as motorists move them out the way so they can park where they want.

“Once again the pedestrians are forced to walk around them. I believe the council are going to address this.”