MORE schools across South Ayrshire could share a Head Teacher if the pilot scheme between Ayr and Kyle Academy is successful.

The Head Teacher of Kyle will also run Ayr Academy for the next 18 months, in a bid to close the attainment gap. Ayr's previous Head currently has a position at South Ayrshire Council.

Speaking at a public meeting Cllr Kirsty Darwent, said: "We hope this scheme will help to close the attainment gap. 

"We had to do it now as the pupil's exams are after Christmas and we wanted them to get the benefit of the scheme before these exams.

"Doonfoot primary school used to be in the catchment area for Ayr Academy but 97 per cent of parents put in placing requests to go to other schools. 

"This is about making a change, if it doesn't work we will revert back. If it does work, we might run this in other schools to bring up the grades. Kyle Academy has good depute head teachers. 

"There was some opposition, but sometimes we need to do the right thing, not the popular thing."

Cllr Bill Grant added: "This is for the benefit of the children at Ayr Academy. We owe it to them. They need to believe in themselves. Karen Dunbar went to Ayr Academy.

"This is the school that used to change the world in its day as it had a great impact."

The pilot scheme will be reviewed to see if it has had any benefit to the pupils before any decisions are made about other schools sharing a Head Teacher in the future.