TOMMY Sheridan will be speaking at a public meeting at Ayr Town Hall this Thursday on behalf of Solidarity, Scotland’s Socialist Movement.

The group which was co-convened by Mr Sheridan claims to be a pro-independence socialist party fighting for a fairer society for all. They campaign to stop attacks on the poor, benefit sanctions and aim to get rid of the work capability assessment.

The party have been holding street stalls in Ayr Town centre, which appear to have been well received by the public, and anticipate a full house on the night.

Their motto ‘bairns not bombs’ aims to show that they oppose Trident as a nuclear deterrent on Scotland’s shores and want it removed as part of a unilateral nuclear disarmament campaign.

Solidarity say they want public democratic ownership of energy companies, transport and a publicly owned pharmaceutical company to supply the publicly owned National Health Service.

Speakers on the night will include South of Solidarity candidates, Cheryl Scott, Karen Hendry, Kayleigh Paterson as well as Tommy Sheridan followed by a question and answer session for those who with queries.

The meeting start at 7pm sharp and will be held in the Chambers Room, Ayr Town Hall, New Bridge Street KA7 1JX and wheel chair access will be available.

Trish Donaldson, spokesperson for Solidarity, said: “We are an anti-austerity party who say we need defiance and not compliance when it comes to implementing Tory cuts. 

“The divide and conquer tactics of the Tory government and main stream media needs to stop. 

“Austerity is not the fault of people on benefits, it’s not the fault of immigrants, it’s not the fault of the working poor in our society”.

“The blame lies solely with greedy bankers and politicians and they should pay for this, not us.”